The Witcher 3 Invades Fallout 4 With a New Mod

Just imagine how great it would be if you could incorporate The Witcher three with Fallout 4? Perfectly, many thanks to the magic of modding, you form of can.

A new mod introduces Geralt from The Witcher&#8217s crossbow, armour, gloves and wolf mask to Fallout 4. You can even have the shirt off his back again. What helps make this mod even far more particular is that the textures have been taken specifically from The Witcher three with CD Projekt&#8217s authorization. You can check out the mod for you by going to the Nexus Mods site.

The Fallout neighborhood has been modding the video game like nuts, filling the planet with anything from Thomas the Tank Motor to Macho Guy Randy Savage.

Mods will be out there on consoles later this 12 months, commencing with Xbox One.

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