The Next Star Wars Movie Will Be Shoot On Film, Not Digital

Colin Trevorrow (the director of Jurassic Environment from 2015) will not use electronic cameras for the upcoming Star Wars Episode IX.

Colin Trevorrow

At the Sundance Film Festival on Thursday, the director reported that he will use conventional digicam films for Star Wars. &#8216It&#8217s a classical movie, it transpires a long time ago&#8216 Trevorrow joked about the movie. Christopher Nolan reported that he is for movie capturing and didn&#8217t like the idea that electronic is the upcoming.

They’re going to have to get much better and much better as household amusement programs get much better,” reported Nolan.

Colin Trevorrow

My hope is the screens are going to be bigger, the seating is going to be much better, and the premium idea of the practical experience is going to be increased,” he added.

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