Tekken and Street Fighter In The Same Universe?

With Akuma on his way to Tekken 7, crossovers like Road Fighter x Tekken and the really obvious near relationship in between Katsuhiro Harada and Yoshinori Ono, a ton of inquiries have a short while ago arisen about the connection in between the Tekken and Road Fighter universes.

Tekken Street Fighter

AwpWilliams is again with an additional concept video in which he addresses a ton of probable threads that may weave together the two franchises&#8217 story strains.

AWP has completed quite a little bit of study to come across reported threads. He&#8217s tracked down statements from Michael Murray, Activity Designer at the Tekken Job, and painstakingly absent as a result of just about every ending in nearly just about every Tekken and Road Fighter match to see what he could dig up.

Tekken Street Fighter

At this position, it feels like it&#8217s not as much a query of if the two franchises share a universe, but fairly to what diploma they do. See Arp&#8217s results in his video underneath.

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